The Body Issue

Volume 12 Issue 4, November 2012

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My body and I have not always gotten along.

I imagine this is a common experience with most people and their bodies. Our bodies do not look the way we want, or do what we want, and people do not see our bodies the way we want them to. We are constantly at odds, whether it be with our weight, our skin, our hair, or the difficulty in clothing them.

We spend far too much time and effort worrying about our bodies and trying to change them. There is a need to open up the discussion about bodies and move away from the tropes and stereotypes sold to us in our daily life.

Challenge societies standards that only certain bodies are attractive and valued. We should not be judging each other and ourselves on how attractive an ornament we make. We are not here for decoration. Loving your body is an ongoing process. You will not wake up one day and from that moment never have a negative thought about your body again. Just know, that when those negative thoughts do come up, that you are so much more. Your worth is not determined by a number or by other ridiculous qualifiers. Your worth is not dependant on other’s opinions. Value your mind, appreciate your body, and celebrate yourself.

Bodies come in all different sizes, shapes, and abilities, and each and every body allows indi- viduals to live in new ways. Dare to accept and love your body exactly how it is right now.

Lakyn Barton