The Flavour Issue

Volume 14 Issue 1, June 2014

Imagine you have a piece of rich chocolate– what does it taste like?

In order to truly taste a piece of chocolate, they tell you to place it on your tongue and slowly let it melt. You need to savour every flavour profile, or you might miss that subtle but unique flavour that makes that piece of chocolate yours.

You know how they say your life is like an unmarked box of chocolates? I believe that the sentiment is true, although it’s more than simply “you never know what you are going to get”. If you want that box of chocolates to last, you have to savour it. You have to pay attention to the piece that your fingers grab, whether it’s a creamy caramel centre, a sliver of almond, a hint of chili, or a dash of fruit that makes your piece delicious.

There are so many things that give life flavour; you have friends, family, adventures, emotions, and the people you meet on lazy summer afternoons in the coffee shop around the corner, among so many others. Like that box of chocolates, you have to savour your moments and appreciate the people around you to extract the “flavour” of your life.

Life, along with that unmarked box of chocolates, is like a recipe without measurements. The ingredients can be hit or miss on their own, neither one softening or spoiling the other, but the combination of each one together, well:

It creates something beautiful.

Jessica Groom