Fears Callout!

Hallowe'en is slowly approaching and you know what that means...We are looking for submissions! The new Fears Issue needs your help. Send your submissions to editor@blueprintmagazine.ca. Some keywords of inspiration: Monstrosity Paranormal Nightmare Isolation Horror Suspense Best of luck! Blueprint Magazine

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Limitless Issue Release & Between the Lines Callout

Hello Everyone! - I hope you are having a good weekend and that you're not overwhelmed by the busy time of the semester. I am happy to announce that our new issue Limitless is finally out, so make sure to grab a copy for your free time reading!. I updated the callout for our next issue in the Current Callout page under Contribute, so make sure to check it out. We are very excited to view your submissions!.

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Updated Callout

Hello Everyone! We hope you all had an awesome #Halloweekend! We just updated the callout for our next issue and little pick-me-ups. For more details go to Contribute > Current Callout. A PDF Version of Wonderland is also available on the Current issue page!

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Between the Lines

By Donnique Williams Creased pages and bended spine. What once was yours, now is mine. I open up this gifted book flip the pages, carefully caress the places of indentation of denotation of connotation. Each note a gem a new found land. I reconstruct in shallow scribbles the image of this man. This book where spirit, soul and desire meet and lay upon me all potential opportunity. I hold creased pages, a bended spine in hand searching for a message that will stand. I search these pages for footnotes of emotion. I search in these…

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Beauty in Cosmos

By Madilyn Bozinis Remote incandescent body, Fixed luminous point in the sky. Held together by your gravity, Visible to the naked eye. You’re perfect. Gathering and gathering all pressures. Collapsing and collapsing despite itself. Swirling and swirling into creation. Time and time and time and time. Your long life shows us short beauty. Can I measure from this far away? When I don’t understand her company.

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The Unknown

By Charis Hesketh The unknown scares me And the thing is I usually don’t get scared It’s like jumping into space Where you can feel nothing there I feel like my dreams will not come true That the universe will bet against me And that makes me feel so blue Like I can’t live in harmony So all I can do is believe And hope that the stars will guide me Maybe the unknown will be great, who knows I guess life is about always being on your toes.

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