Through visibility and accessibility, Blueprint engages a diversity of voices within the community surrounding political, cultural, and social issues.



Blueprint values expression in the form of art, writing, photography, and design. The ability of students, alumni, and community members to create a publication is a process of empowerment and skills-building.


Blueprint values discourse around ideas of community, art, and any given theme.


Blueprint values the involvement of students and community members in a hub of artistic and social values. Blueprint aims to incorporate as many people as possible in the processes of creating and consuming the magazine through outreach and distribution.


Blueprint values the learning and skill-building process. Students and community members at every level of the production and distribution scale, whether they are readers, editors, designers, or contributors, should learn and grow as a result of engaging with Blueprint.


Blueprint should challenge social norms and values, and work towards a just model of production.


As a student publication based on a culture of volunteerism, being involved with Blueprint should be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.