The Birthday Surprise

By Brittany Bennett

The sound of big red shoes squeaking across the driveway
get lost in the midst of giggles and cheers from within.

Knock, knock, knock
and the cheers turn into screams.
An exhausted mother sheds a sigh of relief.

and the children run up with smiles.
A saddened single man suddenly forgets his sorrows.

Pump, pump, pump
and out comes a flower;
a lonely little girl’s heart lifts as she gets the first balloon.

Pump, pump, pump
and out comes a giraffe;
a hyper little boy sits down for the first time in hours.

Pump, pump, pump
and out comes a puppy;

a pretty little birthday girl has her last wish come true.

November 29, 2014 Blueprint Magazine 1 Comment

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  1. Etsumi

    September 26, 2015

    Re: My previous postI soudlhn’t say Laurier didn’t support free trade in Canada, because he did. He simply knew that Canadian manufacturers wouldn’t stand a chance against the established businesses of Britain and (even more so) the USA without tariffs in place.I did go on to say something like that later in the post, but the first line almost implies that he was against free trade (which he certainly was not).

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