The Carnival Approaches

Brendan Fardy


The carnival is near, it’s proximal and imminent

This time last year, it was two weeks away

And again this year, a future fortnight removed

Annually, this festival, it rolls into town

It burns hot and fierce, then burns out and cools

But the flame, while it lasts, is the light of the year

By the end it dims out, and is nearly forgotten

But each year new memories are rekindled and ignited

The carnival remembers them and refuels their glory

A cyclical nature, is revealed by the tale

Years always go by, but the legend fails to fade

The myth, it continues, from previous ashes

A little stoking is all, that may be required

And again the carnival, combusts with great heat

Then leaves for fifty weeks before yet another triumphant return

October 20, 2014 Blueprint Magazine 1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Canal

    October 1, 2015

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