Style Cover Art


The cover illustration is not just a study of human muscle structure, but a blueprint of a human being. It is a statement towards raw imagery that makes you wonder, what does this have to do with style? It is humans that define what style is, and style cannot only be defined by our sight, but with our entire being. We evoke a sense of style in everything we are, think, and do: it makes us unique. My intention with this illustration is to express that style is deeper than flesh.

November 22, 2013 Fiorella Morzi 3 Comments


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  2. Hope

    September 26, 2015

    Wow love the pearls one as well! Not sure about that cehnal bag, it doesn’t look right to me :s . The rings in the picture No 4 look really cool! and love the bold couple of last two earrings ^_^ great pictures Hun!

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