Just Breathe

Photography by Diego Jeri

Photography by Diego Jeri

Your name is called. You take a deep breath. Each step, although small, feels like it takes all your strength. You lasted this far but it seems surreal: all your hard work for four years paid off. The crowd erupts and is full of joy as you hear your parents faintly off in the distance yelling your name, trying to get your attention. You are overwhelmed with focusing on not tripping. You feel like you are burning up, the excitement comes in bursts between nerves, and you wish this would be over as you are tired and hungry. Then again, you do not want this feeling to end. You make it to your first stop on what seems like the longest walk of your life. As a hood is gracefully put on to your shoulders you can hardly see the crowd with the bright lights and cameras flashing. You feel like a rock star. You move on to your next stop to shake the hand of the most prestigious man you know: you have seen him give speeches but now you are given the chance to be in his presence, shaking his hand as he utters the word “congratulations.” You realize your walk is almost complete, having reached the halfway point. Familiarly, you think about this point in school, trying to make decisions and enjoying the freedom, but now this is the halfway point on an uncertain journey. You reach your final stop and as you shake the last hand and are given the most anticipated piece of paper in your lifetime, you realize you did it. All the exams, late nights, and long essays have all brought you to this moment, the chance to take the forever-anticipated walk across a stage that separates student from adult. You made it, university graduate. Now is your time. As the speeches all echo, your chance to go out into the world, construct your path, and explore your options materializes. You have come this far. Now, take a deep breath and your next step towards the future! Congratulations!   

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