Illustration by Allie Hincks

I want to suck your blood.
I want to be your blood.
Thick, fiery, crimson liquid confidence.
Swirling under your skin as I push myself, press myself, deep into all the little nooks and crannies of your shape.
Swimming faster and farther into the warm bath of your cells.
I want to be surrounded by your red and white bubbles.
I want to feel like your queen.
Memorizing you with my floating and soaking.
Forming your narrative with my splashing and thrashing.
Tracing your soul without sinking.
Growling and howling as I pump my way into your desperate heart.
I crave the safety that dwells inside the blue walls of your veins.
I lust for the heaviness, the pounding weight of the dark purplish red.
I long to help you live.

February 13, 2013 Blueprint Web Administrator 1 Comment

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