Alternate Religion and Culture Course Titles

Photography by Devon Butler

100-Level Courses
    Overstating Your Base Knowledge
    Barely Understandable Concepts
    Epiphany Over-Sharing
    Tiny Speeches Disguised as Questions
200-Level Courses
    Islam: A Roller Coaster of Adventure
    Christianity: Abandoning Base Knowledge with an Existential Crisis
    Judaism: Unanswerable Questions about Kabbalah with an Existential Crisis
    Buddhism: Calm, then an Existential Crisis
    St. Patrick Converted the Pagans in Ireland and other Anecdotes Ignored by Bar-Goers
    Using the “Exegesis” Correctly: Trial and Error
300-Level Courses
    Accepting Your Status as a Cultural Stereotype
    Tolerating the Flood of Realizations
    Someone Please Tell Me What Truth Is
    Developing a Research Lens: “Guys, Religion is Everywhere!”
    Wallowing in Guilt: Articles You Can’t Get Over
    Overusing Jargon in Papers and Conversation
400-Level Courses
    Managing Confused Family and Friends: “No, I’m Not Becoming a Priest”
    How to Stop Queering Things
    Conversations on Thomas Tweed: Stopping Them from Spiraling Out of Control
    Shedding Tears: Discussing Your Research in Some Well-Meaning Professor’s Office
    Thought Experiments and Rhetorical Questions: Lying to Your Brain
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