Seduction, Terre Chartrand

Greedy flicker, chocolate flame,
magnetism, shadowed frame.

Molten shudder, burning skin;
Pheromones and velvet sin.

Fingers tiptoe in August rain;
tickle tracing contour vein.

Animal, electric lust.
Mutual exposure; trust.

Collar luscious, slender chaste.
Pulsing friction, fevered taste.

Aching whisper, dizzy, higher,
primal power, dance, desire.

Collide. Sensation. Grazing calves.
Arch. Peak. United halves.

Infatuation, love obscene;
caffeine, morphine, nicotine.

Discover; foreign, earthly peace.
Exhalation; crest, release.

Comprehension. Silence. Sound.
Melting, drifting, light profound.

Glowing cheek on rising chest.
Hopeful ear to heartbeat pressed.

Synchronic rhythms merge, Admission.
Sweet and sudden recognition.

Eyelids, lashes, bliss professed.
Tranquil sameness.

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