Ode to Failure

Is est securus occumbo, ferreus ut orior oriri ortus.

How I flout at you oh failure!
I sneer and scoff upon you.

teeming, seething, breeding.

Oh, how we have met before
in mystical epic war.
You, with heads of tedious serpent
I, a surly peasant.

Your constant challenge I do await
it is you that I do bait.

relentless, heinous, omnipotence.

I watch you amongst the present,
lurking in your yellow shadow
licking your tongue into the corners
of the night,
goose-stepping behind me crying
“Sieg Heil” thrice.

Oh failure, release my weapon bearing hand,
your lines taunt as a snickering farceur
frightening my beloved muse.
Oh, mischievous usurper of my peace,
your snide ways captured their minds.

plath, hemingway, poe.

You riddle them, you riddle me,
“Oh failure, I chant your terrifying name!”

Dare you not take your bow!
“Satis est satis” so pray, let me lay.
You, headless Winged Victory,
how you are within me!

March 1, 2007 Blueprint Web Administrator No Comments